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Information about website

Visitors of this website, welcome on the official website of the village Píla. The village Píla owns and operates this website – Website has been launching into operation on January in 2017 and it is operates by editorial system, thanks to which website complies with accessibility rules and standards valid with the new legislation, by accessibility rules of website by enclosure no.1 Decree on Standards for IS VS (effectiveness 1.10.2008, issued in financial correspondent MF SR no. 9/2008)

Administrator and owner of contents

Obec Píla č.27

966 81 Píla

IČO: 00648051

Account number VÚB in IBAN form: SK30 0200 0000 000013821422


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Information about website content:

Technical operator



Obrancov mieru 1856/60

Postal address: Nižovec 8936/2A, 960 01, Zvolen

Administrator of website´s content

Obecný úrad Píla

Píla č.27

966 81 Píla



Information about competences

The village Píla is an independent territorial autonomous and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, exercising its autonomous competence independently by SNR no. 369/1990 Coll. about Municipalities.

The village Píla operates

Municipal office

Municipal cemetery

Property owned by the municipality

Common building office in the seat of the municipality Žarnovica ensures the execution of the tasks entrusted by law number 50/1976 Coll. about Territorial Planning and Building Code (Building Act) as amended.


Published 01.04.2017


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